Call Me version 1.0

“Call Me” Facebook application¬†just got better and stabilized in version 1.0. The features of this (final) version 1.0 are:

– Video/audio one-to-one chat with any of your facebook friends
– Text chat along with video chat
– Don’t miss a call! Call Me logs and provides a list of all the calls missed while having another video chat session or while away from the computer
– Help functionality, which provides a step by step demonstration of the app’s features

More to come on the next versions of the app!!

“Call Me” Facebook app version 0.2 released.

Call Me is an experimental webRTC online video chat Facebook application built using vLine’s webRTC API.


The way it operates is fairly simple. When accessing the “Call Me” application within Facebook the user sees all his/her online friends being able either to initiate a video chat (if they are on the “Call Me” application page too) or to send a (Facebook) message inviting them to Call Me.
The way the user initiates a video or audio chat with any of his/her Facebook friend is extremely easy. A call is initiated by a simple button press without any third party plugins installation. Everything operates through the native web browser’s capabilities using the webRTC technology.
Up to come on the next versions of the software:
– group chat
– calls history log
– display online friends even if the user status on Facebook chat is set to “offline”